40 New Web, Mobile and Application GUI Kits

It has been a long time since we last took a look at what GUI kits were freely available. So, in this round-up we thought we would bring you right up to date by taking a look at some of the best and freshest that are freely available.

Every designer who has spent many hours mocking up web pages or mobile apps will tell you how important it is to have a reliable set of re-usable, editable and uniform GUI elements that they can rely upon for the initial rapid prototyping stage of any project.

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Within this post you will not only find complete web and mobile GUI kits as we have also included some comprehensive wireframe kits and application design kits as well. All of the kits are are fully editable and are primarily available in .psd format (there are also some in .png, .ai and Omnigraffle formats). Enjoy :)

Cloudy UI Kit (.psd)

Cloudy UI Kit
Download Page →

Snow UI Kit (.psd)

Snow UI Kit
Download Page →

Web GUI Kit (.psd)

Web GUI Kit
Download Page →

3D Web UI Kit (.psd & .png)

3D Web UI Kit
Download Page →

Blaubarry UI Kit (.psd)

Blaubarry UI Kit
Download Page →

Modern UI Pack (.psd)

Modern UI Pack
Download Page →

Blue Elegant UI (.psd)

Blue Elegant UI
Download Page →

Light UI (.psd)

Light UI
Download Page →

Web UI Elements Kit (.psd)

Web UI Elements Kit
Download Page →

White&Blue Set (.psd)

White&Blue Set
Download Page →

Moonify User Interface (.psd)

Moonify User Interface
Download Page →

ER'DAY 13 Free UI Kit (.psd)

ER'DAY 13 Free UI Kit
Download Page →

Soft UI Kit (.psd)

Soft UI Kit
Download Page →

Milky UI Kit (.psd & .png)

Milky UI Kit
Download Page →

Transparent Glass UI (.psd)

Transparent Glass UI
Download Page →

UI kit (.psd)

UI kit
Download Page →

Moonify UI (.psd)

Moonify UI
Download Page →

Dark Web UI Set (.psd)

Dark Web UI Set
Download Page →

UI-Element Set (.psd)

UI-Element Set
Download Page →

Grey UI Kit (.psd)

Grey UI Kit
Download Page →

E-Commerce Steps UI (.psd)

E-Commerce Steps UI
Download Page →

UI Elements (.psd)

UI Elements
Download Page →

Free Ui Elements (.psd)

Free Ui Elements
Download Page →

Skinny Kid UI Kit (.psd)

Skinny Kid UI Kit
Download Page →

The Ultimate Wireframe UI Kit (.psd)

The Ultimate Wireframe UI Kit
Download Page →

Wireframe Elements (.psd & .ai)

Wireframe Elements (.psd & .ai)
Download Page →

Stencils for Sketching iPhone, iPad & Android (Omnigraffle)

Stencils for Sketching iPhone, iPad & Android
iPhone Stencil →iPad Stencil →Android Honeycomb Stencil →Android Gingerbread Stencil →

iOS 5 GUI PSD (.psd)

Download Page →

Surface iPhone UI Kit (.psd)

Surface iPhone UI Kit
Download Page →

Fresh iPhone UI Kit (.psd)

Fresh iPhone UI Kit
Download Page →

Android GUI PSD (.psd)

Android GUI PSD
Download Page →

Twitter GUI (.psd)

Twitter GUI
Download Page →

Facebook Fan Page GUI (.psd)

Facebook Fan Page GUI
Download Page →

Free Full Layered Google+ GUI Kit (.psd)

Free Full Layered Google+ GUI Kit
Download Page →

Mac App UI Starter Kit (.psd)

Mac App UI Starter Kit
Download Page →

Lion UI Kit (.psd)

Lion UI Kit
Download Page →

Windows 8 GUI Theme (.psd)

Windows 8 GUI Theme
Download Page →

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  • We see lots of benefits in being able to create a working mockup or wireframe within the least amount of time but still make it looking good using a UI kit. After proving the work and approval of the customer you can do the custom design if needed.
    When presenting raw technique it is often hard for the customer to imagine how it is going to work in real live. Best and hardest example is still; how to explain how a banner wil fade images into one each other without actually creating it or showing an example online .. just try