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The Adobe Photoshop interface Recreated Using Lego

on Photoshop

Many long term readers of our site will know that we love the creative expression and innovation from Lego. And the vast majority of readers will undoubtedly be using another tool that offers creative expression and innovation, albeit in the digital world, Photoshop.

So, we have two innovative tools that offer creative outlets, but living in two completely different worlds.

Do they really live in different worlds? Could they ever live together?

Of course they can. According to Rick Garcia anyway. He set himself the task of redesigning the Photoshop interface using Lego bricks. Not only has he redesigned the actual interface, but also the Photoshop icons and loading screen as well. Here is the result:

The Lego Edition of the Photoshop Interface

Adobe Photoshop interface Recreated Using Lego

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