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Our Favorite Advanced Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

on Illustrator

Have you ever wanted a list of only the best advanced Illustrator tutorials that you could reference when needed? I keep finding myself spending too much time scouring the web for techniques, having to watch or read through a bunch of tutorials, to FINALLY find what I was looking for in terms of quality advice.

So I went on a mission to build said glorious list of Illustrator resources, just for you (and me)! This collection includes some of the top resources and tutorials for learning and re-learning some of the more advanced techniques in Illustrator. Just about everything is covered either directly in this list or you can find quality, free training at one of these sites. So take a look and let me know if there is a tutorial that you think I should have included in this list of advanced illustrator tutorials.

Lynda.com Illustrator Tutorials

Lynda.com is an amazing website for finding very specific Photoshop and Illustrator videos on anything from beginning to advanced techniques. While seeing the entire collection will cost you a monthly or yearly subscription, Lynda provides a number of free videos on YouTube as well.

Here are some of my favorites:

Learn Illustrator on Adobe TV

This channel on Adobe TV has several really great advanced video tutorials, mostly centering around the Perspective Grid Tool, which can be a serious challenge. The entire series includes beginner to advanced tutorials, so it can be a great tool to use as a refresher course or when you just can’t remember how to get basic stuff done.

Here are my favorites:

  • Mapping Flat Artwork to the Perspective Grid – It’s a great tutorial for learning (or for refreshing your skills) ways to use the perspective grid to map flat artwork
  • Creating Your Logo with CS6 – This tutorial is more than just a tutorial – you can also learn some great logo design secrets and techniques
  • New Image Trace with CS6 – In CS6, Illustrator has a new image trace, and this tutorial does an excellent job of explaining how to use it
  • Creating a Repeatable Pattern for the Web – Illustrator CS6 makes it even easier to create patterns and this tutorial will walk you through the process
  • Pattern Creation in Illustrator CS6 – This video shows how to use the Pattern -> Make feature and how to apply it properly

Smashing Magazine Illustrator Series

Smashing Magazine has an incredible collection of advanced Illustrator tutorials, with a few (at the shame of a little self-promotion) written by myself. Everything from symbols to type tools to even web design is covered in the various pieces.

Here are my favorites:

Layers Magazine Illustrator Series

Every now and then I stumble onto a series where each and every post seems to challenge me. The Layers Magazine line of Illustrator tutorials are very well done and cover a broad range of topics. Definitely worth having in the list if you want to quickly hit the site and do a search. Several hundred tutorials are available.

Here are some of my favorites:


Another valuable series to keep tabs on is that of the folks over at TutsPlus, which has an Illustrator/Vector channel with lots of great inspirational pieces. Many of the tutorials start off simply but quickly get into advanced topics. Great for the learner or re-learner alike. Fair warning: most of TutsPlus articles are not free, but there are a few and they’re all fantastic.

This metal button tutorial is one example of a free tutorial available. By the time you get to step 51, you’ll see why it made the list. I don’t generally keep individual tutorials in my bookmarks since this would cause my bookmarks too large to be useful. But this one is worth the space.

Here are my favorite tutorials:

Chris Spooner – SpoonGraphics.co.uk

Chris Spooner is a demi-god of design. He puts together very classy designs and then tells you how he pulls them off. His series on Illustrator tutorials are some of the best around. Chris even has his own roundup of vector tutorials that are very useful.

Here are my favorites:


While the list above gives you a great start to some advanced Illustrator tutorials, the actual websites on which these were found should give you several hundred more. However, I’d like to hear from you. What tools do you find yourself struggling with? Any Illustrator tutorials out there that are your favorite?

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