Android GUI Stencils, Kits and Templates

Two years ago we published the post Android App Developers GUI Kits, Icons, Fonts and Tools and upon review that post as not aged very well. It desperately needed updated. Two years really is a long time in mobile app development!

All of these Android GUI templates, kits and stencils have all been designed to not only help you maintain the Android Design Guidelines but also to fast-track the initial prototyping stage of your app. All of the templates are fully editable and, depending on the template, are available in all popular formats (.psd, .ai, .eps, .png and Omnigraffle formats).

Official Android 4.0 Stencils (PSD, PNG & Omnigraffle)

These stencils come from Androids official design guidelines and style guide, Android Design. The guide covers everything you would ever need to know about designing for Android, and is a must bookmark for any designer.

Official Android 4.0 Stencils gui templates free

The stencils feature the rich typography, colors, interactive controls, and icons found throughout Android 4.0, along with phone and tablet outlines to frame your creations. Source files for icons and controls are also available.

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich UI (PSD)

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich UI free template

This Android 4.0 .psd template come with both light and dark versions and includes homescreen widgets, lock screen, notification bar, keyboard, map UI elements and alert dialogs.

Android 3.0 Omnigraffle Stencils

Android 3.0 Omnigraffle Stencils

Using the specs from Motorola's Xoom tablet, ZURB, created these extensive wireframing stencils, based on Android 3.0. that include templates for toolbars, keyboards, dialogue boxes, camera settings and some widgets (mail and calendar).

Android 2.3 Omnigraffle Stencils

Android 2.3 Omnigraffle Stencils

Again from ZURB, these are a complete set of wireframing stencils, based on the the HTC Thunderbolt and Android 2.3. The stencils include toolbars, buttons, alerts, keyboards, and much, much more.

Android 4.0 ICS GUI Design Kits (PSD)

Android 4.0 ICS GUI Design Kits

This extensive 4.0 GUI design kit includes: App login screen, homescreen, launcher screen, option bar (top and bottom), tab bar, menu, keyboard, notification center & bar, pop-up menu, settings page, switches, sliders, text fields, buttons and much more.

Android 4.0 GUI – High-Density (PSD)

Android 4.0 GUI - High-Density

From teehanlax, this is a fully vectorized Android 4.0 GUI PSD that is based on the most popular screen size (normal) and pixel-density (high) using the default Android skin as the baseline.

Android 2.3 GUI (PSD)

Android 2.3 GUI psd

Android 2.2 GUI (PSD)

Android 2.2 GUI psd

Android 2.1 Wireframe Stencil (Omnigraffle)

This Android 2.1 wireframing Omnigraffle template comes with stencils for the HTC Sense UI, the Samsung TouchWiz and the default base Android OS.

Android 2.1 Wireframe Stencil

Android 2.1 GUI Templates (PSD)

Android 2.1 GUI Templates

Android 1.5 GUI (PSD)

Android 1.5 GUI

Adobe Fireworks Template for Android 1.5 (PNG)

Adobe Fireworks Template for Android 1.5

In this Fireworks GUI template the Android user interface elements has been redrawn as vector images. In the folders the elements have been mostly labeled according to the Android vocabulary.

Android Widgets GUI (PSD)

Android Widgets GUI

This .psd download package contains all of Androids default widgets, including: Analogue clock, calendar, Facebook, latitude, music, picture frame, power control, Twitter, voice inbox, voice settings, weather and YouTube.

Official Android 4.0 Action Bar Icons (PNG & AI)

Official Android 4.0 Action Bar Icons

The official Android icon download package includes icons that are scaled for various screen densities and suitable for use with the Holo Light and Holo Dark themes. The package also includes unstyled icons that you can modify to match your theme, plus source files.

Android 4.0 Default Icons – Grouped (SVG)

Android 4.0 Default Icons Grouped

Android Icons (Custom Photoshop Shape)

Android Icons Custom Photoshop Shape

15,000 Android Icons

15,000 free Android Icons

Here is the most complete Android icon collection you could find. With 15,000 unique icons, including all sizes and variations following the standards layed-out by Android.

Android 4.0 Font – Roboto

Android 4.0 Font Roboto

Android 4.0 has introduced a new font family named Roboto, created specifically for the requirements of the UI and high-resolution screens. You can also download the Roboto @fontface package here: Roboto @fontface Package from Font Squirrel.

Android 4.0 Color Swatches Downloads

Android 4.0 Color Swatches Downloads

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