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Obinwanne Hill (4 Articles)

Obinwanne Hill is the founder and CEO of Restive, a software and services company building cool stuff to make the Web better. He's currently on a noble quest to make every Web thingamajig mobile-friendly, fast, and intelligent. Connect with him via Twitter and LinkedIn.

The Big CSS Media Query Mistake

Do you ever feel weird when everyone around you is doing something you would ordinarily think is wrong [or not quite ideal at the very least], but somehow no one…


How to Make Any Website Responsive

According to Verisign’s Domain Name Industry Brief for 2013, it is estimated that 85% of all .com and .net TLDs (top-level domains) have websites: that’s over 100 million websites [being…


Responsive Web Design with Less Code

The Art of Building a website is a noble but challenging one. It got even more challenging after the advent of the mobile device. I can still remember quite vividly…


Easy Responsive Web Design with the Restive jQuery Plugin