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Every Sunday we publish our Weekly News for Designers – a collection of the latest web design resources, learning guides, opinionated views, and free UI tools, that have all been either released or published the previous week.

The design community and web technologies move very quickly, and our weekly news is the best way to be kept in the loop.


Weekly News for Designers № 436

This week’s Designer News (N.436) includes a Tool for Animating Images, Container-Adapting Tabs, a Retro Poster Redone in CSS, Using Brusher to Create Interactive Backgrounds, a Day Without JavaScript, How to be a Mediocre UI/UX Designer and more.


Weekly News for Designers № 435

This week’s Designer News (N.435) includes Login Critter, Popular Website Interfaces Reimagined, a CSS Grid with Flexbox Fallbacks, The Surprising Science Behind Colour Codes, a Free Responsive Android UI Kit, a Pure CSS Rendering of an 18th-Century Painting, an Interactive CSS Grid Generator and more.


Weekly News for Designers № 434

This week’s Designer News (N.434) includes Free Wireframing Sheets, A Quick Rundown of the New Gmail, Why Users Make More Errors with Instant Inline Validation, How to Make Front-End Developers Happy, Scrolling Interactions and Techniques, a Free Jekyll Template, Good Designer/Bad Designer and more.


Weekly News for Designers № 433

This week’s Designer News (N.433) includes a CSS/JS Piano, Rapid Research at Google, Reusable, Maintainable, & Modular CSS, Stop calling these Dark Design Patterns or Dark UX, Why Brutalism is Good, Podcasts for Designers & Developers, Free Payment Method Icon Sets and more.


Weekly News for Designers № 432

This week’s Designer News (N.432) includes A CSS Framework That “Actually Looks Good”, How CSS Works, Introduction to HTML, Privacy Respecting Tools and Services, Front-End Developer Handbook 2018, How Designers (Should Not) Apply For Jobs, Free Payment Icons and more.


Weekly News for Designers № 431

This week’s Designer News (N.431) includes The Inside Story of Reddit’s Redesign, Why Developers Should Use Firefox, Email Coding Tricks, Coding JS for Designers, Creating Themeable Design Systems, CSS Gradient Libraries & Apps, Are Mobile Pop-Ups Dying? and more.


Weekly News for Designers № 430

This week’s Designer News (N.430) includes Documenting Components, Open Sketch files in Windows with Lunacy, Free Boostrap 4 Gallery Templates, 16 Free Loader Images, Learn JS in 14 Minutes, Build an Expanding Grid Menu, Spaces vs. Tabs and more.


Weekly News for Designers № 428

This week’s Designer News (N.428) includes Creating User-Friendly Forms, a Free Bootstrap 4 Pricing Table, Web Design Trends 2018 eBook, A Library to Help Users Focus on Page Elements, a Free Podcast/Blog Template, Adopting CSS Grid at Scale, Navigating the Complexity of Change Aversion and more.


Weekly News for Designers № 427

This week’s Designer News (N.427) includes CSS Techniques and Effects for Knockout Text, Lesser known CSS Quirks & Advanced Tips, Using a Midi Controller for CSS (seriously), Preventing Common WordPress Theme Mistakes, Responsive Components, 25 Fun Things You Can Say to Annoy Your Fellow Designers and more.