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A responsive web framework, also known as a CSS framework, responsive web design framework or frontend framework, lays out the CSS groundwork for you so you can start developing websites or apps quicker. It does this by giving you CSS code for repetitive and common tasks—like resets and responsive media queries—so you don’t need to write from scratch every time. And if you’re working with a team or collaborating with other developers, you all will have the same shared CSS code, so collaborative efforts are sped up as well.

Here you will find collections of over 100 lightweight, responsive web frameworks to choose from, including the popular Bootstrap Framework, as well as tips that will help to get you started designing and developing web pages and mobile apps much quicker while using frameworks.

The Blueprint Framework – Tutorials, How-to Guides and Tools

CSS frameworks are a Gods send. They speed up development, ensure usability, meet all W3C standards, compatabile across most browsers and a hell of a lot more. Sounds marvelous doesn’t it. Why doesn’t everybody use them? Well, for the novice developer, frameworks, may be a little bit tricky to get there head around? That is were this article comes in, to hopefully give everybody a better understanding of what a framework is and how to use it effectively.