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50 Beautiful HDR Images from 50 World Cities

HDR can make the ugliest, run down, industrialized cities seem appealing, and if you take quality HDR photographs of the most beautiful cities in the world thay seem to be captured from a different perspective, you seem to be able to view different elements of a familiar scene that you had never noticed before. Below, you will find 50 Beautiful HDR Images from 50 World Cities. Are any of these your city?

24 Examples of Stylish Sabatier (or Solarised) Effect Photography

Sabatier or Solarised is a tecnique in photography in which the negative of a photograph is completely or slightly changed in tone. In a nutshell, dark is light and light is dark.
This tecnique can be created by over exposing the negative of an image or, as with almost all aspects of photography, can be created within Photoshop.