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Here at Speckyboy we do love Lego! In this category you will find some fantastic and innovative Lego creations created by some of the best builders from all over the world.

48 Creative Lego Creations

These Lego designs are not all the biggest, not all the most intricate and not all the famous…but they are really, really cool. You could almost call these designs art, they carry the style and character of each talented and creative designer.

Lego Stop Motion Tutorials, Resources & Tools

You’ve seen those amazing Lego Stop Motion movies all over the internet, they are always very popular, everyone loves them. So, if you ever wanted to be the writer, director and producer of your own movie (with minifigs), this is the article for you. (its easier than you would think!)

30 Examples of Lego Art

Don’t you just love Lego, I have just started playing with it again after many years, my kids have finally reached the age were they can now appreciate it.
My Lego skills are not even remotely close to this amazing art .