Free Ebook: Web UI Design for the Human Eye (Colors, Space, Contrast)

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Because vision is the dominant human sense, your site must provide value and meaning as clearly and quickly as possible. In fact, studies have shown that users know within 5 seconds whether or not they will leave your site.

This free e-book by UXPin explores how to create the most powerful first impressions through meaningful visual and interaction design. The book covers topics including UX design, UI design, optical illusions, and human psychology.

Free e-book: Web UI Design for the Human Eye

The 5 chapters include:

  • Straightforward explanations of how to apply Gestalt principles, balance similarity with contrast, create meaning with space, and strike the right emotions with color.
  • Instructions for how to quickly test your website’s visual hierarchy.
  • A teach-by-example approach that analyzes designs from 33 companies including Medium, Etsy, Tumblr, Facebook, Intercom, and Bose.
  • Easy-to-read writing style that prioritizes practicality over pure theory

For a nice companion piece, check out Interaction Design Best Practices: Mastering the Tangibles .

Check out the ebook, and feel free to share with anyone who might find it helpful.

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