FullStory Click Maps Show Exactly How Users Interact with Your Website

For designers, it can sometimes feel like we’re simply guessing as to what elements a user will like and interact with. Figuring out what users are looking to accomplish and how they’ll ultimately get there is vitally important. Yet, no one has provided us with a comprehensive roadmap on how to achieve our goals – until now.

FullStory have just launched Click Maps, part of their Page Insights feature, which will show you exactly how users are interacting with each page on your site. Click Maps will provide you with the knowledge you need to make informed design decisions.

Let’s have a closer look:

FullStory Click Maps - Everything You Love About Heat Maps, Only Better

Everything You Love About Heat Maps, Only Better

While other services provide you with heat maps, they’re often clunky and confusing. They don’t differentiate between different states a page may be in (like when a modal window is showing, for example). The results aren’t all that accurate or useful.

FullStory Click Maps are indeed different from other heat maps. They’ll show you precisely how many people engage with every element on each and every page throughout your site. Their system also recognizes the various states a page can be in and can show you relevant information. The best part is that everything just works – there’s no hard work required on your part.

What’s more, the maps are instantly searchable via FullStory’s powerful OmniSearch feature. You can use these searchable maps to find answers to all kinds of important questions. For example, you might want to track user behaviors after prices have changed in your store. Are users clicking on the same elements as they were before the price changes? Does the behavior change for mobile users? You’ll find these types of questions surprisingly easy to answer.

Multiple Ways to View Data

Multiple Ways to View Data

Sometimes you’ll want to get an incredibly close view of user interactions, while other times you may want a larger view to put things in perspective. Either way, FullStory can make it happen.

While it’s great to know what users are clicking on, it’s just as important to know why they’re doing so. FullStory is known for providing designers with a front-row seat to user experience. That means you can dig deep to get comprehensive analytics and dynamic data visualizations.

Click Maps can help you find users who have clicked on an element. From there, use FullStory’s Session Playback to get more insight into their motivation. Follow their every action and see what makes them click.

If you’re looking for a more aggregate view of things, check out Inspect Mode. Just point-and-click any element on your page to see what percentage of users have interacted with it. You’ll even get a view of the elements that cause user frustration. FullStory will show you elements with the most Rage, Error and Dead clicks. In short, you’ll be armed with the knowledge to make users happy.

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