Ghost, the blogging tool inspired by WordPress, is now available

Back in November last year, John O’Nolan came up with a rather revolutionary concept of Ghost — a blogging tool inspired by WordPress. The logic behind this project was that WordPress is evolving more as a CMS and less as a blog publishing platform and as such, Ghost attempted to fill the need for a blogging tool.

Almost a year later, the first public release of Ghost has been announced. Plus, Ghost has also started accepting open signups and forum access., Blogging Tool Based on WordPress, is Now Available

Right now, you can either download Ghost and test run it all by yourself, or you can make use of automated Ghost installers, such as those provided by Bitnami, Rackspace and Digital Ocean. Among other things, Envato have also announced a $5000 competition for Ghost theme submissions.

A hosted solution for Ghost is also in the making, but is currently available only to beta testers.

If you have been looking for a simple blogging platform, Ghost might be of use for you! Go ahead and give it a spin.

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  • “Based on WordPress” is more than a little misleading I would say. It was born out of WordPress no longer being “just a blogging platform”, but it’s certainly not “based” on WordPress. It has entirely different architecture (node.js) for one.

  • chrismccoy

    not based on wordpress, it was originally going to be a fork of wordpress, but they went the route of starting from scratch

  • Stephen Lee

    It’s the first I’ve heard of this. Thanks for the heads up..!

  • Paul Andrew

    Sorry guys, the original title did say ‘inspired by’, I have no idea why I changed it to ‘based on…’.

    Fixed the title. Paul.

  • Tim

    So this is a complicated version of Tumblr, then.

  • Ooh okay. This looks like a potential game changer. WordPress is a weird one… developers trying to shoe horn it into a CMS (though it’s certainly been effective for many). I wonder how long it will take for WordPress to accept this shift and update their program accordingly.

  • HemanthMalli

    Oh that’s nice…thanks for the update !!

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