Give Your Site a Health Check [Infographic]

The internet is a vast resource today. And there are many great free online tools you can use to optimise your site, or to learn about others. From data to to development, SEO to conversions. There is a heck of a lot you can do…

…this infographic will guide you through the maze of web site optimising tools:

Give Your Site a Health Check

Give Your Site a Health Check
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  • agentursimon

    The fullsize jpeg seems to be broken:-(

  • Captain Kickarse

    Very nice, though info graphics on the web are kind of pointless aren’t they? Why not that content and that design as a web page?

  • Mobile is the key concept for 2012. I better implement mobile css as soon as possible.

  • yep, never thought about this since most of the time users are into social media when it comes to mobiles, but as it seems, 2012 is the mobile era for Ecommerce Web Designers and Owners

  • Very nice