Introducing Briefbox – Practice Briefs for Designers

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For many designers, especially when your starting out, the devil that is the creative block can rise at any time and not just when your looking for style inspiration but also for where to even start. Something along the lines of… Damn!! I’m feeling creative, but.. Damn!! What the hell shall I work on???

Joel Alexander, Co-founder of UK based Agency – The Orca Design Co is giving something back to the community and writing his own quick, fun design briefs for designers to get creative with.

To quote Joel – “When I started out as a freelancer in 2004, I remember making up loads of my own fun little test projects and fake briefs to keep me busy, fill out my portfolio and learn some new skills. Struggling to find somewhere to get ideas for projects, me and my buddy used to make up briefs for each other and give each other feedback on our designs.”

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Joel setup at the end of August, and has already written well over 50 briefs, each with inspirational imagery, split across many design categories.

Looking to fill up your folio’ and get creative? Check out