[Expired] Giveaway – Win 1 of 5 Limited Edition Card Games for Developers and Designers!

We have another fantastic giveaway for you this week. fournova not only released version 2 of their popular Git client Tower recently, they have also created a fantastic card game for developers and designers, entitled “The Nerdy Game of Cards,” featuring open source projects and frameworks. The fun game comes in a nice little box of 32 cards and cannot be bought anywhere, as it’s only available through giveaways. So, now is your change to grab a deck!

They have given us 5 sets to giveaway to 5 of our lucky readers (yes, they will post to anywhere in the world!). All you have to do to enter this competition is leave a comment below telling us what your favorite programming language is?

The Nerdy Game of Cards

How to Enter

All you have to do to enter this competition is leave a comment below telling us what your favorite programming language is?

This competition will run for the next seven, ending on the 18th of August 2014. All winners will be chosen at random and will be informed via email within 2 days of the competition ending.

Good luck to everyone!

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  • Kuba Rohleder

    hipster ruby and oldschool c++

  • C# :)

  • Majk Cerovac


  • Steve

    not sure as i don’t really program especially if i can help it! lol however i remember enjoying using AmigaDOS and creating custom scripts to load the Workbench up how i wanted it to be :) Otherwise I would have to say HTML as i hate CSS (crappy divs!!!)

  • Python!

  • Gina Lucia


  • shirley liu

    high on java

  • Henrik Rossen


  • php ;)

  • Damian Frizzi

    JavaScript for the win! :)

  • Hamzaoui

    my favorite programing language is Ruby

  • Luke Pettway

    My favorite programming language varies depending on the project I am working on. There are so many wonderful languages to use, it is hard to pick just one. If I’m on the web I’m usually using PHP/Javascript and when I am working on Iphone Apps it is Objective C. They all have their own pitfalls, but I still could never pick any one single language. I’d pick all of them!

  • Borislav Kolak


  • ThomasNewman

    C++ forever.

  • C++ and assembler!

  • MonkeyTheatre

    mmm… php :)

  • David Portella

    Python power

  • pip010

    LUA, and c++of-course

  • Nahuel Ufor Laplaza


  • Jennifer

    objective C!!!

  • Guest


  • Aurel Tirnovanu

    perl / c++

  • Devgiant

    Ruby ;D

  • Alejandro Gutierrez


  • Francesco

    C++ and Java

  • PHP

  • Craig Mckee


  • JavaScript

  • PHP & CSS

  • Jan Krogh

    Php, definitely.

  • Love me some Python!

  • PatricioBustos

    html y css… i love it!

  • Javascript

  • adrian aubone

    Javascript, no doubt. And by default.. jQuery… makes life so much easy! :)

  • Daniela

    Ook! <- Best programming language ever!

  • relaxbrodealwithit

    C# for work, php and python for home projects.

  • Manuel Inhester

    Basic, what else? ;-)

  • Swift (Used to Objective C but Swift is a vast improvement!!)

  • the new/old … and good HTML/5

  • bambuz


  • guiburi

    PHP for the win!

  • JavaScript

  • NeuroWeb Evolution

    Python. -~~~~8-

  • frejyasdaeg

    Ruby by far, so clean!

  • Phong Thai


  • Eliza Vilcea


  • Janus L


  • LESS!

  • Heather Tovey


  • Javascript

  • Hai-son De Leon

    HTML and PHP. They are my favorite because I need them in my field.

  • Максим Букей


  • JediN1nja

    JavaScript :D

  • PHP

  • Syed Danial Munsif

    Favourite is PHP but i also know C# JS BOO JAVA