Microsoft Launches Modern.IE – “Internet Explorer Testing just got a little easier”

Ever since the rise of Chrome and Firefox, Microsoft has been trying hard to win some lost ground for Internet Explorer. However, end users apart, developers have despised IE for many years, and MS is working very hard to restore lost faith. The latest version of the browser is a step in the right direction direction, and so is their latest innovation: Modern.IE.

Modern.IE is, simply put, a dev center where you can find tools and resources to help check and solve compatibility issue with older versions of Internet Explorer. Yes, Microsoft is aware of the troubles that developers go through when trying to satiate IE’s compatibility issues, and has been trying to take steps to rectify the situation — this is a case in point.

Still in BETA, Modern.IE lets you develop without worrying about older versions of IE — you can simply focus on the task at hand, and let Modern.IE’s code detection mechanism take care of the compatibility issues.

It is also worth noting that Modern.IE is offering three-months of free access to BrowserStack, a leading virtual browser testing site that lets you test your website on multiple browsers. modern.IE also includes add-ins for Chrome or Firefox, which give you single click access to the BrowserStack virtual testing service right from your browser of choice.

Visit Modern.IE →What do you think of Modern.IE from Microsoft?


  • Unless I am missing something, this – “let Modern.IE’s code detection mechanism take care of the compatibility issues.” and “lets you develop without worrying about older versions of IE” are not really the case. You will still very much need to worry about IE, this tool just helps identify potential issues. Unless I am missing something, because I would LOVE to not worry about IE and have something just take care of it for me ;)

  • Jonathan

    This is absolutely amazing!!! The scanner is exactly what most of us needed.

    IE10 has come a long way and finally redeemed themseleves. I actually use it as my primary browser after switching from Firefox. Much faster and renders everything well when coded with web standards. I just hope devs stop coding with webkit and browser-specific coding so that sites render well in all browsers, especially now that all modern browsers (IE10 now included) can handle it.

  • pmaitland

    Was I the only one who choked a little at the idea of IE preaching at designers about compliance and cross-compatibility?

    OK, that aside from that, this site is looking more like it’s coaching designers to design for IE rather than trying to be compatible across the board.

    But that’s just my ill-informed $0.02

  • Steve

    The idea of a new modern IE is great but convincing the world to update to it is the next real task.

  • How much time did they waste developing this that they could have instead directed toward fixing their multiple troubled browsers. I mean, seriously…