30 Motivational Desktop Wallpapers for the Uninspired


As humans, we need inspiration and motivation. Whether it’s to help us achieve our goals or to complete a project, the right dose of motivation can do wonders. However, finding motivation is not always easy, especially if you feel like you’re surrounded by doom and gloom. The same can happen if you’re working on a project you’re not really excited about or if you feel like you’re in a rut.

That’s where a great motivational wallpaper can come in handy. Motivational wallpapers can instantly give us the needed push to complete the dreaded project or task we’re working on. They can remind us about the bigger picture, what we are really working towards or show us what we can look forward to once we achieve our goals.

While it’s true that some motivational wallpapers can be a little cheesy, there is no doubt that they can help us maintain a positive attitude towards work and life in general. You can find motivational wallpapers with quotes or words that resonate with your life and work philosophy. Or you can create a motivational wallpaper that’s based on your professional or health goals. There are dozens of ways to be inspired and motivated by your wallpaper.

That’s why in this post we’ve rounded up the best motivational wallpapers from around the web that will help you get inspired and motivated. Browse our complete collection and download the wallpaper that resonates with you the most or download them all and set them up as a motivational slideshow.


Chang motivational desktop wallpaper

Equality to the Equal

Equality to the Equal motivational desktop wallpaper



Motivational Quotes

Quotes motivational desktop wallpaper


motivational desktop wallpaper

Motivational Wallpaper

motivational desktop wallpaper


motivational wallpaper


Challenge motivational wallpaper

Do What You LOVE

Do What You LOVE motivational wallpaper

Motivational Quote Wallpaper

Quote motivational wallpaper

3 Seconds

motivational wallpaper 3 Seconds

Creative Motivational Wallpaper

motivational wallpaper

Motivational Quote Wallpaper Quote

motivational wallpaper

First Aid Kit for the Mind

motivational wallpaper First Aid Kit for the Mind

Tinker Bell Quote

motivational wallpaper Tinker Bell Quote

Awesome Motivational Wallpaper

Awesome motivational wallpaper

The Daily Love

The Daily Love motivational wallpaper

Do It Yourself

Do It Yourself motivational wallpaper

Don’t Point Dirty Hands

Don't Point Dirty Hands motivational wallpaper


Growth motivational wallpaper


Hope motivational wallpaper

Some Are Last Who Will Be First

Some Are Last Who Will Be First motivational wallpaper

Motivational Wallpaper

motivational wallpaper


motivational wallpaper Persistenc


motivational wallpaper

English Motivation

motivational wallpaper English

Logic and Imagination

motivational wallpaper Logic Imagination


motivational wallpaper Life


motivational wallpaper Imagine

Motivational Wallpaper

motivational wallpaper

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