Ptengine: Realtime Analytics and Heatmaps For Your Website

Analytics and heat maps are pretty useful for assessing the growth of your website, and also for discovering ways in which your users interact with the content on your site. By making proper judicious use of heat maps, you can lower your website’s bounce rate and increase its conversion rate.

For analytics, Google Analytics has been the standard tool for quite a while. While Google Analytics is a solid product indeed, it does have many pitfalls: the learning curve is pretty steep for beginners, and most of the features are often reduntant and rarely useful for webmasters.

Allow me to introduce you to a product that gives you analytics and heat maps, and is way easier to use and understand than Google Analytics: Ptengine.

What is Ptengine?

In simple words, Ptengine offers you tools and options that help you assess the growth of your website, boost your conversion rate, and understand user behavior on the pages of your website.

Here is what it has to offer:

  • Impressive heat maps that help you understand how your users interact with your content. Need click heatmaps? Attention heatmaps? Yes, Ptengine has it all, along with comparison charts and other data analysis tools.

  • You can run multiple campaigns and tests to see which settings work best for your visitors and your website. Need to assess conversion rates or create a conversion funnel? Ptengine does all of that.
  • Real-time analytics are the mainstay of Ptengine, with geographical analytics as well. You can get visitor overview and other details as and when they happen.

  • Ptengine supports multiple devices and domains, as well as one-click filters and segments.

As you can see, Ptengine can do its job well, and has a load of features that Google Analytics has to offer, sans the bloatware of other features.

If you know anything about heatmaps, you might have already heard of popular services such as Crazy Egg. However, there is one key difference between Crazy Egg and Ptengine: the former starts with $9 per month, whereas the latter costs you no money — yep, you can use Ptengine for free.


Ptengine’s free plan is more than sufficient to suffice for the needs of a smaller website. It lets you have 1 heatmap and 1,000 pageviews per month. If you need more, you can go with any of the premium plans: for instance, the Lite plan costs $9 per month and gives you 5 heatmaps and 25,000 monthly pageviews. For unlimited domains, the Growth plan costs $99 per month and lets you have 50 heatmaps with 125,000 monthly pageviews.


Ptengine is a simple and no-nonsense tool for creating heatmaps and assessing user behavior on your website. It does not go out of the way to do everything under the sun; instead, the focus rests entirely on heatmaps and analytics. This ensures that you are not distracted by other obtrusive features, and can properly analyze your website’s performance. It shows you the pages that need to be improved on your website, and even visualizes user behavior on the concerned pages so that you are able to make a better and well-informed decision.

As such, Ptengine can definitely help you boost your conversions: be it sales, leads, email subscribers or even social shares.

Sounds good? Why not give Ptengine a try yourself? Check it out here.

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