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Superhero Shadows – A Dark & Minimal Poster Series

on Inspiration

You will have probably realized by now that here at Speckyboy we really do love superhero and pop-culture art. So it will not be much of a surprise to you to know that this gallery post takes a look at a uniquely dark and shadowy minimal poster series that feature many popular superheroes.

The posters have been created by French graphic designer Lily’s Factory. We are sure you will agree they are fantastic. Here they are:

Superhero Shadows Poster Series

Batman superhero shadow Minimal Poster Series

Wonder Woman superhero flat Poster Series
Wonder Woman

Wolverine superhero shadow Minimal Poster Series

Superman superhero flat poster

Green Lantern superhero shadow poster
The Green Lantern

Iron Man superhero shadow poster
Iron Man

Captain America superhero flat minimal poster
Captain America

The Flash superhero shadow poster
The Flash