The Winter Styled (WordPress Theme)

This theme is a back to basics theme, designed to be easily customised to suit anyone’s needs. It uses no graphics whatsoever, stripped out all pointless code and left a bare bones Theme that is a very Stylish, clean and Polished.

For a client a few months ago I designed a page navigation to be built within an intro section just below the blog title, basically highlighting keywords and offering links to a certain pages. For example in the intro I dropped in the words: contact, view map, archives, etc. I liked it, the client liked it, hope you like it. It can all be edited in header.php. Have a look below.

Screenshot and Details

The Winter Styles
The theme has two columns and is widget friendly. The result is stylish and clean.

The Page Navigation has an original style, read the top of this post.

The social bookmark bar has been hard coded into the theme, these can be edited in ‘header.php’.

It has been tested on Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Opera, and displays great.
Tested on WP 1.5 (does anyone still use this) upto WP 2.3.


Download The Winter Styled Zip.

How to Install

1. Download the Winter Hut 2.1 Zip.
2. Unpack, and upload to the wp-content/themes/ directory on your server.
3. Login to your admin area and set Winter Hut 2.1 as the current theme.

I hope Winter Hut has been useful to you, please comment below.

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  • I don’t think this is a realy winter theme for wordpress? Where is the snow? Where are the ski’s?