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10 Funny Corporate Logo Parodies That Will Bring a Smile to Your Face

I’ve always appreciated logos as creative by-products of companies to present themselves visually – from simple vector graphics to intricate designs reminiscent of medieval coat-of-arms. Interestingly, logo design proves that…


30 Creative Examples of Logos with 3D Elements

DeviantART stands out as one of the most popular means of showcasing your design portfolio, where users of any artistic level can upload their art and allow others to offer…


10 Best Logo Reveal Templates for Adobe After Effects

In this collection, we share the ten best templates that you can use to create a professional logo animation on your own in After Effects.


Jack Designs – A Free Photoshop Corporate Identity Package

We have another amazing freebie for you today. Exclusively designed for us by Robby from, we have a free corporate identity package called ‘Jack Designs’. The download includes PSD…


Corporate Logo Redesigns That Just Work

To stay afloat during this tough economic period, companies must change with the times; this sometimes includes a new logo or even a whole new brand identity. Although the changes…


20 Inspiring Examples of iOS App Logo & Icon Design

iOS has inspired a whole new style of icon and logo design since its debut, and it is a trend that’s only spreading further as more iPhone apps are developed…


How to Design a Logo From Inspiration to Execution

Designing a logo that stems from pure inspiration and yet manages to be both accurate and truly representative of your client’s needs, is one of the most difficult tasks in…


The Redesigned World Cup Posters by James Taylor

With every FIFA World Cup we get to see the arrival of a brand new official poster. These World Cup posters have always been designed to represent the competition, by…


When the Web and Real-Life Collide: Creative Uses of Internet Symbolism in Daily Life