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Infographic Design


What’s the Big Deal with Pinterest? [Infographic]

In the past year or so a new social service has been gaining huge popularity, almost explosion-like you might say. You’ve probably heard of it, its called Pinterest. Now, I…


The Designer’s Candy Store [Infographic]

For graphic designers, the general goal is to create something that people notice in a good way. These designers aspire that their work is recognized as “good,” “great” or even…


10 Free Portfolio & Lookbook Templates for Adobe InDesign

These free InDesign portfolio templates are certain to appeal to a wide audience all while offering a convenient and beautiful way of presenting your work.


Give Your Website a Health Check Infographic

The internet is a vast resource today. And there are many great free online tools you can use to optimise your site or to learn about others. From data to…


The History of Online Shopping [Infographic]

An infographic on The History of Online Shopping is an interesting one, and much longer than you might think. Beginning in the early days of the modern computer and only…


An Infographic on the History of the Modem

Once upon a time, transferring just a few kilobytes of data between computers in different locations was considered near science fiction fantasy, or at least a cutting edge military computer…


30 Useful Infographics for Web Designers

Typically when it comes to learning something new within web design you have to refer to either the accompanied detailed documentation, the read-me or, if you are lucky, to a…


Definition, Usage and Popularity of Infographics