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Are Web Browsers Overstepping Boundaries?

Web browsers play a crucial role for both web designers and everyday users. They serve as our window to websites and play a part in so much of what we…


Weekly News for Designers № 521

This week’s Designer News – № 521 – includes Open Source Snippet Manager, Grid System Based on CSS Grid Layout, SVG Animation JavaScript Library, Free Sans-Serif Variable Font Family, 2020 Copyright and much, much more!


6 Free Animated Typefaces for Adobe After Effects

In this collection, we’ve gathered the best animated typefaces for After Effects that you can download and start using in your projects now.


Imagining a Single-Browser Web

It is often said that competition brings out the best in all of us. Whether we’re running in a race or building software, knowing that others are out there doing…


Microsoft’s Browser Legacy

The browser market is changing. With the recent news that Microsoft is abandoning its EdgeHTML browser engine in exchange for Chromium, it seems that Google has won the browser wars…


Weekly News for Designers № 458

This week’s Designer News (N.458) includes A Guide to Color Accessibility in Product Design, a Tool for Creating HTML with Markdown, Sans Forgetica, Use Cases For Flexbox, MODALZ MODALZ MODALZ, CSS Layout Cookbook, How to Get Things Done When You Don’t Feel Like It and much more.


Weekly News for Designers № 457

This week’s Designer News (N.457) includes What is Modular CSS?, How are fonts designed?, You Don’t Need WordPress, One Small Step for the Web…, Free Valkyrie UI Kit, Grid Vs Flexbox: Which Should You Choose?, Styling Broken Images, MS-DOS v1.25 and v2.0 Source Code, Scribble Font and much more.


Weekly News for Designers № 456

This week’s Designer News (N.456) includes Vapid CMS, Choosing the Right Design Deliverables for Your Clients, Designing UI with Color Blind Users in Mind, A Short Guide to Minimal Web Development, a Tool for Creating Progressive Color Sets, Having Fun with Link Hover Effects, How To Learn Calligraphy (For Beginners) and much more.


Weekly News for Designers № 455

This week’s Designer News (N.455) includes Redesigning Chrome, The Rise and Demise of RSS, Free “Libre” Web App Template, Trendy Palettes, Super Simple Grids Using CSS Grid, Loving & Hating the Hamburger Icon, 9 Layout Design Trends and much more.


Weekly News for Designers № 454

This week’s Designer News (N.454) includes a Complete Guide to CSS Scroll Snap, Designing With Code, a Material-Inspired Theme for Firefox. The Font Loading Checklist, The Cascade and Other Essential Unessentials, How and Why I Redesign My Portfolio Every Year and much more.


Weekly News for Designers № 453

This week’s Designer News (N.453) includes Embarrassing Moments for Designers, Progressive Tooling, the Free Inter UI Font, Progressively Enhanced CSS Layouts, Best Practices For Mobile Form Design, Conversational Semantics and much more.


Weekly News for Designers № 452