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WordPress Themes


WordPress Theme Showdown: Custom Built vs. Readymade

Aimed towards new(ish) WordPress users or developers, we break down the pros, cons and use cases of choosing either a custom or readymade WordPress theme.


An Introduction to WordPress Child Themes

Among the top features of WordPress is the ability to build a great-looking website even if you’re not a designer. Through the use of third-party themes, just about anyone with…


The 20+ Best Banner Mockup Templates for Photoshop for 2021

These photo-realistic banner mockup PSD templates for Photoshop are all easy to use and will help turn your artistic vision into reality.


10 Free Resources to Supercharge WordPress Theme Development

Creating your own WordPress theme is a great way to learn about the inner workings of the world’s most popular CMS. It also means that you can customize things to…


Building Client-Proof WordPress Websites

Handing off a new WordPress website to a client offers a great feeling of satisfaction. You provide a pixel-perfect rendering of a brand’s online presence and hope it plays a…


A Guide to Using Commercial WordPress Themes and Plugins

The WordPress ecosystem is chock full of outstanding free software. Why, you could build an entire website using an attractive free theme and a selection of highly-functional plugins. But free…


Is the Future of WordPress Code-Free?

As WordPress and its ecosystem continue to evolve, it does make one wonder if more designers will choose code-free solutions. But, if so, what will be the ramifications?


How to Create an Emergency Message UI in WordPress

Emergency situations can affect any organization. Whether it’s a weather-related closing, a sudden change in business hours or a leaky pipe in the basement – things happen. And one of…


Thoughts on Building a WordPress Website from Scratch (Without Code)

Over the past decade, I’ve worked with WordPress on a (pretty much) daily basis. It’s my go-to solution for building websites for clients of all sizes. And, as I’ve gained…


5 Cool Things You Can Do with a Local Install of WordPress

Running a copy of WordPress on your local machine is a fairly simple process (we have some helpful information on doing this). But you may be wondering about the actual…


The 22 Best Free Personal Blog Themes for WordPress in 2021

A personal blog can go a long way towards establishing your thought leadership and authority in a certain niche. It can also be a great place to showcase your skills…


Sell Electronics Beautifully with the eLab WordPress Theme