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Weekly Design News (N.215)

By on December 29th, 2013 Designer News

A Look Back at the Popular Web Design Trends from 2013 by Jake Rocheleau
This year has brought powerful new UI concepts, open source projects, and new hacks/tricks for web designers and developers. In this article we reflect back back on 2013 and explore some of the more popular web design trends.

5 Reasons Why CSS Could Be The Hardest Language Of All by Thoriq Firdaus
You might be surprised to know that CSS could be the hardest language and very troublesome in certain cases. How could that be? Well, here are some of the reasons…

Responsive Images – The Issues We Want To Solve by Steven Bradley
Images add a lot to any website. They also create bottlenecks in performance. While bandwidth has significantly increased over the years, images still present performance and other challenges for responsive designers.

Breaking Up Responsive Design by Michiel Heijmans

50 Javascript Tools & Resources from 2013
If you are looking for a standalone Javascript framework or library, then this is the place for you!

How Optimized Are Your Images? by Jamie Mason

High Quality PHP by Benjamin Eberlei

The Best Freelance Tools of 2013

The Science Behind Fonts by Mikael Cho

New Web Animations engine in Blink drives CSS Animations & Transitions by Alex Danilo

The Command Position Principle by Andrew Clarke

Scott Hanselman's 2014 Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List for Windows by Scott Hanselman

Create a Simple URL Shortener With 10 Lines of PHP (Tutorial)

New Resources & Services

jQuery Audit
jQuery Audit is a Chrome Developer Tools extension for [debugging] auditing jQuery — it creates a sidebar in the Elements panel containing jQuery delegated events, internal data, and more, as live DOM nodes, functions, and objects.

FloatLabel.js is a jQuery plugin for floating form labels.

Myth – CSS The Way It Was Imagined
Myth is a preprocessor that lets you write pure CSS without having to worry about slow browser support, or even slow spec approval. It's like a CSS polyfill.

Layrs – Free Photoshop Extension

Instacurate is a useful and easy to use tool that turns your Twitter timeline into a personalised news site.

SpinKit – Simple CSS Spinners
SpinKit is a collection of loading indicators animated with only CSS.

NTH-TEST – nth-child and nth-of-type Tester

UI Names is a simple tool for generating names for use in designs and mockups.


Freebie: Dark Ui Set (PSD)

Freebie: Icon Set (144 Icons in AI Format)

and finally…

Social Kit – Free Photoshop Plugin with Social Templates
Social Kit – Fully sliced and customizable templates for your Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube channel, all wrapped up in a FREE Photoshop plugin.