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Weekly News for Designers (N.314)

By on December 15th, 2015 Designer News

This is our popular weekly design news post where we share our favorite design related articles, resources and freebies from the past week.

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News Resources & Tools

50 CSS Tools, Frameworks & Libraries from 2015.

Penguin, the smallest and lightest SCSS library.

Taucharts, flexible Javascript charting library for data exploration.

Bugherd, client feedback made very easy.

BoomSVGLoader, Ajaxing for your SVG sprite.

flexibility, use flexbox while supporting older Internet Explorers.

Top 10 Open-Source WordPress Theme Frameworks.

CSS Cursor, a small web app that helps you choose cursor type.

HYBICON, a JavaScript library for synergistic SVG icons.

Bliss, a 3KB library for happier Vanilla JS.

Learning Resources, Tutorials & Tips

Coding Etiquette to Make Other Developers Hate You Less by Adam Bradford.

Making Accessibility Simpler, With Ally.js by Rodney Rehm.

Be Fluid with Your Design Skills: Build Your Own Sites by Ros Horner.

You don't need jQuery any more, here is how you can get rid of it…

Foundation for Emails 2, Making HTML emails suck less, again

Animation in Responsive Design by Val Head.

Brain Hacks: Using Psychology in Web Design by Stephen Moyers.

Free Icons, UI KIts & Fonts

Freebie: A Collection of Wireframing Icons (AI).

Freebie: Android Lollipop UI Design Kit.

Freebie: Butler, a free serif typeface inspired by Dala Floda & the Bodoni family.

…and finally… Star Wars is coming…

Star Wars The Force Awakens Titles in CSS.

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