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This is our popular weekly design news post where we share our favorite design related articles, resources and freebies from the past week.

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New Resources & Tools

minireset.css – A tiny, modern CSS reset that covers all of the basics.

Concise Framework – A lightweight and easy-to-use SASS framework.

Svgsus – A free Mac OS X app for organizing, cleaniing and transforming SVGs.

Grade.js -A JavaScript library that creates gradients based on the dominant colors of an image.

embedresponsively.com – A web-based app that helps build responsive embed codes for third-party media.

Mockplus – A web app to prototype faster, smarter and easier.

CSS Stats – A web-based application to visualize various stats about your CSS.

img2css – A simple tool for converting any image to pure CSS.

Tachyons – A toolkit for create fast, highly readable, and 100% responsive UIs with as little CSS as possible.

New Collections

30 Lightweight JavaScript Plugins and Libraries from 2016.

Learning Resources, Tutorials & Tips

ReactJS Components: Learning the Basics by Chris Nwamba.

Why Web Security and UX Should Compliment Each Other By Harlon Agsaoay.

All About Creating Design Style Guides By Mybridge Design.

Freebie: Colored & Inverted Social Icons (PNG, SVG, EPS & Sketch).

Freebie: AdminBSB, a Bootstrap 3 admin panel templates that is based on Google’s Material Design.

Freebie: Flow Chart Components (Sketch).

…and finally…

The State Of JavaScript – A survey to get to the bottom of whether JS is a reliable language or overly complex beast.

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