Weekly News for Designers № 520


Code Snippets Inspired by Star Wars – A fantastic selection of our favorite Star Wars-related characters, quotes and game code snippets.

Flexible Captioned Slanted Images – Eric Meyer gift wraps the most awkwardly shaped of boxes using nothing but CSS, HTML and a little curl of ribbon.

The State of JavaScript 2019 – Discover the most popular JavaScript features & technologies of 2019.

Reimagining Design Systems at Spotify – How Spotify built design systems that fit their culture of autonomy.

A Designer’s Guide to the Terminal – The terminal is a powerful application but it doesn’t need to feel intimidating.

The Yummy Visual Identity of Food Brands – The visual identities of food brands are an amazing area of design serving as a fantastic source of design inspiration.

Is Web Design Easier or Harder Than it was 10 Years Ago?

Styled Components, Styled Systems and How They Work – By taking the time to understand the fundamental JavaScript features, we become better equipped to improve our use of those libraries.

Google Design’s Best of 2019 – The notable products, experiments, and redesigns that made Google’s year.

A Modern Typographic Scale by Rob Weychert.

Creating a Checkbox Like it’s 2020 – If you’re going to style a checkbox for the future, it needs to be not only aesthetically pleasing but navigable with keyboard for screen readers.

Top Pens of 2019 on CodePen – The 100 most popular/hearted pens of 2019!

Pixels vs. Relative Units in CSS – Why it’s still a big deal.

Multicolor CSS Gradients – Free, lightweight, colorful and responsive backgrounds for use in your projects.

Rock, Scissors, Paper, Lizard, Spock – Play the geek version of rock-paper-scissors. Can you defeat the bot?