Weekly News for Designers № 569


2 Color Combinations – A curated collection of copy and paste color combos for use in your projects.
Example from 2 Color Combinations

reveal.js – Use this open source HTML presentation framework to create fully-featured online presentations.
Example from reveal.js

Graphery SVG – A fast and tiny (3 KB uncompressed) SVG wrapper library.
Example from Graphery SVG

17 Pro JavaScript tricks you didn’t know – Level up your JavaScript knowledge with these helpful examples.
Example from 17 Pro JavaScript tricks you didn't know

Multiavatar – Generate your own custom avatar with this tool.
Example from Multiavatar

Image Stack Intro Animation – Use this tutorial to create two simple intro animations where an image stack moves to become a grid.
Example from Image Stack Intro Animation

Text Gradients – A quick tutorial that shows off some techniques for creating text gradient effects with CSS.
Example from Text Gradients

Modern HTML Starter Template – This template provides everything you need to start up a new HTML5 project.
Example from Modern HTML Starter Template

How To Avoid Design By Committee – Useful tips for creating a sense of order during the design process.
Example from How To Avoid Design By Committee

Thinking Like a Front-end Developer – One developer’s approach to thinking about a new layout, and how you can apply these steps to your work.
Example from Thinking Like a Front-end Developer

Dev Fonts – A collection of the best fonts for use with code editors.
Example from Dev Fonts

3D Christmas decorations – Download this package of shiny Christmas graphics in two styles: fun-and-wild or classy.
Example from 3D Christmas decorations

When Do You Need a Custom WordPress Gutenberg Block? – A guide to help you determine whether it’s worth building a custom Gutenberg block for you project.
Example from When Do You Need a Custom WordPress Gutenberg Block?

Atomic Design Checklist – Nail down your next atomic design system with this checklist.
Example from Atomic Design Checklist

CSS clip-path Editor – This online tool will help you generate an awesome clip path.
Example from CSS clip-path Editor

Ruffle – Keep your old Flash content alive with this emulator, built with Rust.
Example from Ruffle