When the Web and Real-Life Collide: Creative Uses of Internet Symbolism in Daily Life


We are so used to online reality that we even manage to transfer it into our real life. On a subconscious level people utilize Internet symbols in decor and interior elements, use them in design, ornamental furniture with Web signs and will even create outstanding accessories dedicated to online themes.

In this post, we want to bring to your attention a really stunning roundup of astonishing things with Internet signs that surround us everyday. Below you’ll find creative uses of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Yahoo, Google, WordPress and much, much more. They will surely give you a great dose of fresh inspiration, pleasure and offer a great avenue for your creative ideas.

Geek Pillows

Let’s start with some soft furniture – Some Internet users may enjoy the comfort of sleeping with a cushion of their favorite social network:

YouTube Pillow

Pillow with the YouTube logo will supply your dreams with interesting and always up to date dreams.

youtube pillow

Pillows with Symbols of Social Networks

Are you a member of one of the famous social networks? If yes, you’ll really appreciate these cute and originally-designed pillows:

social networks pillows

I love Apple

A picture is worth a thousand words! The perfect gift for any Mac fan.

I love apple

Firefox Icon Pillow

This handmade artwork has bright design with a felicitous combination of striking and remarkable colors.

firefox pillow

Yahoo Icon Pillow

The single letter “Y” lets you know that this is the logo of one of the biggest search engines. Beautifully designed and would really stand out against typical white pillows.

yahoo pillow

Mail Icon Pillow

You’ll open your eyes and see your messages waiting:

mail pillow

Stickers and Bookmarks

Designers use logos or illustrations of famous companies to create prominent, bright and outstanding stickers. Bound into pocket-sized form they are perfect for promotion and branding.Below you’ll see stickers related to various internet services, including Wikipedia, WordPress, Twitter, Reddit and Facebook:

Wikipedia stickers

These stickers come in monochrome palette scheme, but in spite of their lack of color they look effective and spectacular.

wikipedia stickers

Reddit stickers

reddit stickers


wordpress stickers

Facebook “Like”

Created especially for huge Facebook fans – You can complete this inscription with your own words and make it a truly unique and original sticker.

facebook like

Twitter Bookmarks

twitter bookmarks

Flickr Badges

flickr badges

Cakes & Cupcakes

Some internet addicts have baked cakes with stunning designs and decor elements, depictin their favorite service.

Youtube cake

youtube cake design

YouTube cupcake

Here is a smaller version of the “YouTube” sweets – cute and no less mouth-watering chocolate cupcake covered with glaze.

youtube cupcake design

Box of Yahoo Cupcakes

These Yahoo cupcakes express can make your day cheerful and enjoyable.

yahoo cupcakes design

Laptop Facebook Cake

You will love this cake! Its a highly original Laptop Facebook cake with amazing design detail.

laptopfacebook cake design

Twitter Bird Cake

twitter bird cake

Twitter Bird with Twitter Bird Icon

twitter bird with a twitter icon

Google Chrome Browser

Colorful and bright Google Chrome browser logo with an embedded V8 engine, covered with sweet fondant and glaze.

google chrome cake

Google Cake

Chocolate laptop cake with Google homepage and stunning customized keyboard.

google cake

Decoration and accessories

Some more striking demonstrations of Internet and computer elements that are present in our daily life.



Keyboard Bench

This fashionable bench is made from recycled keyboards.

keyboard bench

Enter Door-Bell


Keyboard-Key Clock

The author of this artwork has taken an old keyboard and created unusual clock.


Google License Plate

Do you want to own google? You can easily buy these license plates and it will be yours.


“Delete” Rubber

delete rubber

Wikipedia Keychain

Very original and attractive key-chain. You can have the whole of Wikipedia in your own pocket and help build it at the same time.


Google Lip Balm Stick

twitter fanSource: Photo Copyright Silver Smith

Twitter Fan

This is what you call a real Twitter fan!

twitter fan

Flickr Addict

flickr addict

Twitter Tattoo Tights

Flirty and sexy tights for girls who are fond of Twitter. (Wearing these charming tights girls will certainly attract more Twitter followers).

twitter tights

“@” Cup

Bright yellow cup with the handle in the form of the “@” sign.


WordPress iPhone Skin

wordpress skin

Last click…

Just for fun :). Halloween is not soon but I can’t share with you so charming and astonishing pumpkins which demonstrate Twitter and WordPress logotypes. The process takes a bit of patience but the result is really worthy of your time and efforts. You’ll surely surprise all your friends and relatives with such funny creations.

Twitter Pumpkin

twitter pimpkin

WordPress Pumpkin

wordpress pumpkin

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