When Working with a Remote Development Agency Makes Sense

When you seek out a development agency to provide the coding support necessary to make your project a success, where do you start?

Suggesting a remote agency might at first seem to conflict with conventional wisdom. In truth, there are several reasons why the choice makes a great deal of sense when the agency in question has the following qualities:

  • It is noted for the quality of its work, its work processes, and its work procedures.
  • It is known for its transparency in dealing with clients and customers.
  • It reacts quickly to situations in which near term deadlines are a priority.
  • Its coders are highly experienced, they are good at what they do, and they never hesitate to take on responsibility.

As you will see, such a development agency exists, and stands ready bring your project to a successful conclusion.

Guidelines for Working with a Remote Development Agency

Xfive is a remote coding agency with a solid business background. It is an agency that subscribes to a work ethic that guarantees successful outcomes. Xfive got its start a decade ago, when a group of professional coders reached a conclusion that, if they worked together, it would be easier to provide excellent service to large and important clients, while still being able to satisfy smaller businesses, creative design agencies, and individual web designers.

It was not long before it became necessary to establish a physical office (Xfive now has offices on three continents), so the development team would be in a better position to collaborate with one another, and with their clients.

In addition to their office staffs, Xfive employs a number of off-site freelance employees. The agency has put together a skilled team, an internal work structure that features an excellent set of work procedures, and a company culture that employees of most companies can only dream about.

Communicate Deadlines Early On

You should, in fact, make your deadlines known during the initial discussion. This gives the workforce the opportunity to adjust its assignments and workloads as necessary.

An example here is Xfive’s cooperation with Luminus Networks, a startup that provide network administration tools. The client wanted to launch the website very fast: “We had a really short deadline to work on the website and I actually didn’t think that anyone would be able to pull together with our website. But I contacted Xfive and thought ‘well, they’ll chop the design at least’. And I was really surprised that they were able to say “Yes, we can do it”! Then I think the first draft was delivered like the day I had it scheduled. So it hadn’t even been a whole day you worked on it” says Caryn, from Luminus Network.

Be Prepared to Discuss a Plan and a Timeline

In most professional development agencies, a Project Manager assumes responsibility for the coding you need done. The PM will coordinate project activities and report progress, while working on your behalf. As the project is about to get underway, you should anticipate receiving a project management plan that outlines the project’s tasks.

Support Weekly Status Report Meetings

You’ll typically get more out of a weekly meeting hosted by a remote development team than by one whose offices are in the same building as yours. A roomful of people can cause a meeting to drag on, while a 20-minute Skype session tends to stay on track, and is brief and to the point.

Topics of discussion:

  • Tasks completed in compliance with the brief, and delivered.
  • Upcoming tasks, priorities, and deadlines.

Reach an Agreement on Your Specification – and Stick to It

Double check your specifications for errors or omissions before turning them over for coding. Changes that are necessary due to an incomplete or erroneous spec can prove costly, as can changes that are necessitated should you revise your specifications once coding has begun.

The program manager and Xfive team members assigned to your project will also review your specs, and will advise you of any issues that may require action on your part.

Xfive will also provide consulting services if needed.

Remote vs. Local Teams

Where a development team is located is not necessarily an indicator of its capability to deliver a product on time, per the specifications, and at a reasonable price. A remote development agency that has been in business for many years, with offices in three continents, is definitely worth a look.

An agency such as this serves the international marketplace, and more than likely has provided its services to large companies and corporations as well. With its large, diversified, and experienced staff, Xfive is in an excellent position to take on projects both large and small. The Xfive team will understand your needs, and ensure your project will be managed by a project manager dedicated to providing the kind service you have a right to expect.

Working with Xfive is a pleasant experience. One reason for this is that this development team, no matter which office they are working out of, looks upon itself as an extension of your own project team; and acts accordingly. Xfive not only communicates, but collaborates with its clients. This is what you want, and what you have a right to expect from a development agency. This is why this remote agency is your best bet.

About Xfive

Xfive has helped thousands of clients over the past decade; most of whom worked with this coding agency while it was under the XHTML brand. The new Xfive brand is more attuned to the company culture. Giving high fives for work well done is common among the workforce, where working together, and reaching out to customers and clients, is an everyday occurrence.

Over the past 10 years, Xfive has provided its coding services to a number of large clients, including Microsoft, eBay, Twitter, Threadless, Rogers, and Fox Enterprises. The teams have also provided software development services to numerous creative agencies, large and small businesses, startups, and individual web designers.

An Xfive team will analyze your specific situation and propose the technical solution they believe will be the best one for you. You will also be advised of changes or shortcuts that could save you time and money. That’s the kind of service web designers want.