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About: Alex writes on behalf of, a printing company based in the UK. He spends his time brushing up on his Photoshop skills and learning to code.

Exploration of Beautifully Designed Product Pages

Startups have, for the last few years, focused heavily on having beautifully designed landing pages. When software design is a big part of the company, it’s only natural that there’s also an emphasis on great design for the marketing site. The landing product pages for hardware products, on the other hand, often feel like they’re an after-thought, and it’s not…

Creative, Unsolicited Redesigns of Popular Web Sites (6 Examples)

Nothing gets the creative juices flowing quite like redesigning a popular, well-known site. Reimagining how a site, app or brand identity would look can help to show the product in a different light, and can help get you thinking about why certain design decisions are made. While unsolicited redesigns can sometimes bring controversy, they can help to show how a…