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Desktop Wallpaper

You’ll find stunning collections of free to download high-resolution desktop wallpapers. Includes landscapes, minimal, typographical, colorful, spring and motivational wallpapers.


50 Beautiful Christmas Wallpapers for Your Desktop

With Christmas just a few weeks away, now is the perfect time to give yourself a little bit of seasonal cheer by decorating your desktop with a beautiful Christmas wallpaper….


50 Beautiful High-Resolution 4K Desktop Wallpapers

Brighten up your workday by downloading one of the 4K high-resolution desktop wallpapers we have curated for you. There’s something here for everyone.


12 Free Smoke Brush Packs for Adobe Photoshop

Check out our collection of high-resolution and free smoke brush packs for Adobe Photoshop, and download and use them on your next project.


30 Beautifully Minimal High-Resolution Desktop Wallpapers

We have curated the best minimal desktop wallpapers for you. Scroll through them all, download your favorite, and enjoy the calming effect!


20 Inspiring Desktop Wallpapers for Spring

Spring is finally in the air and with it a brand new sense of renewal and regeneration. The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and the flowers are budding —…


30 Motivational Desktop Wallpapers for the Uninspired

As humans, we need inspiration and motivation. Whether it’s to help us achieve our goals or to complete a project, the right dose of motivation can do wonders. However, finding…


30 Desktop Wallpapers with Beautiful Typography

Typography is the backbone of web and graphic design but it can also be a form of art on its own. Pairing the right fonts together, mixing and matching different…


20 Incredible Digital Sunrise Desktop Wallpapers Viewed from Space

A view of the sunrise is truly something spectacular. However, to catch the most beautiful sunrise, location matters as well as getting up early. If you’re not an early riser…


25 Beautiful Color Spectrum Desktop Wallpapers

It’s a well-known fact colors can influence our mood. They can make us happy, sad, calm, angry, and yes, even hungry. Colors are everywhere around us and if you are…


20+ Stunning Colorful Abstract Desktop Wallpapers

Abstract art is, at its core, a visual representation of something that most of us will neither see nor understand. Sad to say, unless you’re an art critic, the meaning…


Awesome Freebie: Web Accessibility Checklist Desktop Wallpaper

Today we have yet another awesome freebie for you – a useful Web Accessibility Checklist desktop wallpaper with a grungy feel that features some super simple yet often forgotten reminders…


Freebie: Sublime Text Desktop Wallpaper