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Sub-Topics: JavaScript Frameworks, JavaScript Libraries, JavaScript Plugins, JavaScript Snippets.

JavaScript is a relatively lightweight programming language for adding interactive functionality to web pages.

In these archives pages, you will find collections of resources, including libraries, frameworks, plugins, snippets and web-based tools, covering almost all areas of JavaScript development.

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Famous Architecture Recreated with CSS and JavaScript

We share compelling examples of CSS and Javascript recreations of some of the world’s most famous and iconic structures.


Why Some Outdated WordPress Plugins & Themes Are Facing Extinction

If you manage a website that relies on any WordPress plugins or themes that haven’t seen an update for a while, your time with them may be running out. Recent…


20 Free Elegant Script Fonts for Designers

These free script fonts are a great way to add character and elegance to your designs that will allow you to convey many different emotions.


Chill Out with These Calming CSS & JavaScript Code Snippets

Our mission for today is to help you recharge from your coding daily grind. So, sit back and gain some positive energy from these clever CSS & JS creations.


Spread the Word: Beautiful Testimonial UI Examples

These CSS & JavaScript snippets show how the use of color, movement and typography all play an important role in building a stunning testimonial UI.


10 Free JavaScript Data Chart Libraries Worth Considering

The beauty of modern web design can be found in the widespread advancement of visual and dynamic effects. CSS3 has taken the design world to another level with independent animation…


10 CSS & JavaScript Snippets for Creating the Parallax Scrolling Effect

We have collected our favorite parallax scrolling CSS & JavaScript snippets that will allow you to create your own parallax UI layout in no time.


9 Custom CSS & JavaScript Social Sharing Buttons

We have a curated collection of custom sharing buttons that you can customize and reuse. The CSS & JavaScript code snippets offer a great starting point.


8 CSS & JavaScript Snippets for Creating Infographics

We have a collection of snippets that aim to do more with infographics. They seek to make information and data easier to understand and digest.


8 Code Snippets to Make Your Pagination Pop

Pagination is a design necessity that’s often overlooked. A well-crafted CSS pagination menu encourages users to further explore what you have to offer.


9 Custom Open Source File Upload Field Snippets

If you’re looking to customize your upload inputs, this collection of CSS & JS code snippets will help. They prove you can truly create stunning fields.


10 Useful React Components, Libraries & Tools