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About Us

Did you know that the Scottish city of Inverness once served as the home of Macbeth (yes, the very same guy who inspired Shakespeare’s story)? Okay, maybe you knew that one. Now, this one may knock your socks off: did you know that Inverness is currently the home of… Speckyboy? Pretty cool, right? Let’s just hope that’s where the similarities end.

So, what is Speckyboy, you ask?

Well, back in October of 2007, the Speckyboy website was launched with the intent of serving as an inspirational hub for designers. As design trends became more advanced and more tools became available to fuel designers’ efforts, things changed dramatically for Speckyboy and evolved into the design magazine you see before you today.

While we never received any prophecy from a trio of witches about the future of this website, we did always envision that Speckyboy would serve the design community as a strong and trusted resource on all things related to current design trends. Our goal is to provide readers with:

  • Insightful tutorial and tips.
  • Time-saving design and development techniques.
  • Collections of helpful resources.
  • Inspirational UI and UX designs from around the web.
  • Graphic design tutorials.
  • Motion design tools and resources.
  • Lego-inspired content (yes, that’s for real).
  • And more.

We’ve got an awesome team of design experts working day in and day out to ensure that our readers stay attuned to the latest and greatest happening in web design today. If you haven’t read any of our articles yet, what are you waiting for?

The Team Behind Speckyboy

Paul Andrew – Editor

Paul Andrew is the Inverness-based founder and editor of Speckyboy Design Magazine. Having spent many years in the web design industry, he now puts his passion for the latest web technologies, current design trends, and WordPress to work for this magazine. Oh, and if you see anything on here related to Star Wars or Lego, there’s a good chance he came up with it.

Eric Karkovack – Editor, Writer & WordPress Expert

Eric Karkovack is a web designer with well over a decade of experience. You can visit his business site here. He also has an opinion on just about every subject. You can follow his rants on Twitter @karks88.

Jake Rocheleau – Writer

Jake is a passionate web designer and social media entrepreneur. He is frequently researching the latest trends in digital design and new-age Internet ideas.

Brenda Barron – Writer

Brenda is a writer from southern California. She owns and edits for The Digital Inkwell, an agency-eque group of writers dedicated to producing marketing materials in the technology and business spaces, primarily. WordPress is her speciality but she has been known to write about cats on occasion.

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