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About: Arfa Mirza is a Creative Writer specialized in Advertising and New Media writing. She keeps writing from sun up to sun down and often lurks around as a free soul! You can visit her website for more of her articles.

Designers’ Guide to Float through the Invoicing Process Successfully

Designers are one of the most interesting professionals of the world. They love their work and do it at their best; however, most of them absolutely freak out when the project comes down to the invoicing process. Basically, all creative professionals find it difficult to handle the money matters, however, money is what they work for and money is what…

Existing vs. New Clients – Who Should Get the Bigger Share of Your Attention?

Many business owners, nowadays, are of the view that when you understand your client, you have them hooked up with your product of service forever. However, in my views, knowing you client is only half the work done. The other half is in serving the client according to their needs and giving them their due attention. Giving attention to your…