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About: Brent is currently CEO of, a knowledge-hub to help web professionals become more profitable. For the last sixteen years he has dedicated himself to selling websites and online marketing solutions. You can follow him on twitter @brentweaver or connect with him on Google+ or LinkedIn.

The Loneliness of Web Entrepreneurship

In my early days — prior to selling my web agency and starting uGurus, a hub helping web professionals build successful businesses — I would read books that advocated “networking” as a means to build your business. Okay, great, so I attended a bunch of networking events. More often than not, these events were pretty worthless. One time I went…


How to Not Suck at Managing Your Time

Discipline is the mother of all things worthwhile: innovation, strength, wealth, health, knowledge, and of course…success. If you have any intention whatsoever of reaching your goal of becoming a successful web professional, then you must get disciplined about your time. Before you think this is going to shape out to be some kind of lecture, I would like to confess:…


Why Clients Don’t Care About Responsive Web Design

There isn’t a web design blog, tutorial, or template site on the market right now that isn’t touting “responsive web design” as an absolute must. Simultaneously, web designers are getting continued downward price pressure for their services. The #1 pain I hear from web pros is that they can’t charge enough for their work. So what gives? Common sense would…