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Weekly News for Designers № 449

This week’s Designer News (N.449) includes Testing Web Fonts on a Live Website, The Product Designer’s Toolbox, Common Webpage Design Mistakes, an Average Color Detection Library, The Cost of JavaScript in 2018, Creating Apple’s Website with Bootstrap 4 and much more.


Weekly News for Designers № 448

This week’s Designer News (N.448) includes Speed Up Alignment in CSS with Flexbox Utility Classes, a Tool for Collaboratively Editing CSS, Evolving the Firefox Brand, ApexCharts, Argon Design System, Using srcset for Responsive Images, The Age of the Wordless Logo and much more.


Weekly News for Designers № 447

This week’s Designer News (N.447) includes Fostering Focus for Small Screens, Create Custom Scrollbars Using Pure CSS, Front-End Developer Roadmaps, The Complete Illustrated Flexbox Tutorial, Better Text Annotations for the Web, 10 Popular UI Design Trends on Dribbble in 2018 and much more.


Weekly News for Designers № 446

This week’s Designer News (N.446) includes Dark UX Patterns in Advertising, a Playground for Variable Fonts, The DIV That Looks Different in Every Browser, Teutonic CSS, Free Cunia Font, How to Build Complicated Grids Using CSS Grid and much more.


Weekly News for Designers № 444

This week’s Designer News (N.444) includes Open-source macOS apps, alternatives to the Hamburger Menu, free syntax highlighter WordPress plugins, email template design system for Sketch, free Vue.js handbook, CSS animation tools and frameworks, and much more.