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Weekly News for Designers № 547

This week’s Designer News – № 547 – includes The Styler Figma Plugin, The A-Z of AI, Your Blog Doesn’t Need a JavaScript Framework, Styling Layout Wrappers in CSS, The Mad Magazine Fold-In Effect in CSS, a CSS Grid Cheatsheet, The Return of the 90s Web and tons more!


Weekly News for Designers № 546

This week’s Designer News – № 546 – includes Bootstrap 5 Alpha, Simple Design Tips for Crafting Better UI Cards, Making Stagger Reveal Animations for Text, Neumorphic Generator, Implement the No Style Design System, The “Finest” Collection of UX/UI Components, Dieter Rams Wallpapers and lots more!


Weekly News for Designers № 545

This week’s Designer News – № 545 – includes What is Developer Experience (DX)?, Color Copy Paste, Cool Little CSS Grid Tricks for Your Blog, Free Isometric Illustrations,, A Cheatsheet for User Interview and Follow Ups Questions, Stranger Things, JavaScript Edition and a whole lot more!


Weekly News for Designers № 544

This week’s Designer News – № 544 – includes Got No Design Skills? Try No Design Development, CUBE CSS, ScrollTrigger for GSAP, A User’s Guide to CSS Variables, Writty Text Editor, Hybrid positioning with CSS variables and max(), and so much more!


Weekly News for Designers № 543

This week’s Designer News – № 543 – includes Nobody Told Me UX Would Be Like This, PureCSS Gaze, Responsive Web Design Turns Ten, Getwid WordPress Blocks, Create Seamless Patterns with patternico, Using calc to Figure Out Optimal line-height, Bootstrap Breakpoints and lots more!


Weekly News for Designers № 542

This week’s Designer News – № 542 – includes The Third Age of JavaScript, Best GitHub Repos for Web Developers, The Fastest Google Fonts, Get the Perfect Gradient with Gradihunt, TabNotes Chrome Extension, Let’s Make One of Those Fancy Scrolling Animations Used on Apple Product Pages and so much more!


Weekly News for Designers № 541

This week’s Designer News – № 541 – includes Let’s Take a Deep Dive Into the CSS Contain Property, 171 Favorite JavaScript Utilities, Microsoft’s Fluent Design System, JavaScript Features to Forget, A Single Div CSS Drawing Project, new.css for HTML-Only Websites and a lot more!


Weekly News for Designers № 540

This week’s Designer News – № 540 – includes A Complete Guide to CSS Functions, Creating an Accessible Range Slider with CSS, YouTube Sans: The Making of a Typeface, Blush Illustrations, a Font (Scunthorpe Sans) That Blocks Foul Language, Modern CSS Solutions for Old CSS Problems and a lot more!


Weekly News for Designers № 539

This week’s Designer News – № 539 – includes How to Create a Color Theme Switcher, a Morphing Gooey Text Hover Effect, Free UXUI Doc Kit for Sketch/Figma, Design System Interview Questions, Faking 3D Elements with CSS, the StyleStash Chrome Extension, Teach Yourself Code and a bunch more!