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Are Static HTML Websites Still Relevant?

These days, dynamic websites are well within the reach of every web designer. We often don’t think twice about using tools such as WordPress or Drupal to power our next…


What is Headless Drupal?

The goal of this article is to break down what “headless Drupal” (or “fully decoupled Drupal”) is, and what it means for your business. In short, the phrase “headless Drupal”…


The 15 Best Lightroom Presets for Landscapes & Travel

Create beautiful and immersive travel photos with these Lightroom presets. From Morocco to the Scottish Highlands, these travel and landscape presets have got you covered!


Is Drupal Good for Design? What Do You Think?

Drupal has a reputation for being strong in functionality and having a strong community, but weak when it comes to design. In deciding which cms to use, it is important…


Designing for Drupal

In a perfect world, it wouldn’t matter to a designer what content management system a site uses. But for most of us, projects are actually a combination of design and…


15 Free and Professional Drupal Themes

Drupal has perhaps one of the most misunderstood reputations within web design. It is generally thought of as an overblown and hard to learn CMS that is aimed only towards…


Drupal 8: With Symfony on-board, will it create wonders?