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How to Display Content Based on WordPress User Roles

Using the current_user_can function, learn how to display custom content and special features based on the roles and capabilities of your WordPress users.


Automating Laravel Tests with Buddy

If you’re building web applications, it’s quite likely that you’ve heard of Laravel. It’s a popular PHP framework that streamlines the development process and includes its own, developer-friendly syntax. In…


12 Free Smoke Brush Packs for Adobe Photoshop

Check out our collection of high-resolution and free smoke brush packs for Adobe Photoshop, and download and use them on your next project.


Why Wrangling User Data in WordPress Can Be a Nightmare

Every website we build has its own unique challenges. But the tools we use can help us tackle them head on. WordPress, and its never-ending ecosystem of plugins have helped…


15 Ways to Customize WordPress Without Touching PHP

WordPress powers 31% of the internet’s websites and offers website owners the power to create any kind of site they want. Adding to that, developers in the WordPress community have…


How to Test Your WordPress Website for PHP 7.x Compatibility

There are a number of benefits to running your WordPress website on a recent version of PHP. Among the most noticeable perks is the massive increase in speed. PHP 7.3…


PHP Tutorials for Beginners

You have probably heard that PHP is much easier to learn than any other programming languages, such as Java or the .NET languages, not to mention Perl, but if you…


phpMyAdmin Turns 15 Years Old This Week!

In an era when everything on the internet is shrinking in terms of life expectancy, be it smartphone operating systems or browser versions, phpMyAdmin, the extremely popular and often taken…


The WordPress header.php Template File: Do’s and Don’ts of Good Header Design

The WordPress header.php file is an often-underappreciated template file can actually make the difference between visitors who stick around and “drill down” into other website content, and those who simply…


Unraveling the Secrets of WordPress’ comments.php

One of the most important templates in any WordPress installation is the “comments.php” template file that is paired with virtually every single theme distributed for use with the world’s most…


How to Remove PHP out of WordPress Template Files and Placing it in Dynamic Pages and Posts

One of the things which characterizes WordPress is its broad use of PHP and “PHP-like” variables throughout its template files. These variables have remained unchanged for the better part of…


Website Speed Part 4 : PHP Programming for Speed