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20 Time-Saving WordPress SQL Query Snippets

WordPress stores every single scrap of information within a MySQL database. Posts, pages, comments, shortcodes, plugin settings… absolutely everything. The WordPress backend is fantastic, and does allow you to manage…


20 Code Snippets for Extending the Functionality of WordPress

When coding WordPress themes, especially if you do it regularly, its really useful to have a selection of code snippets in your toolbox to just ‘copy-n-paste’ as and when the…


20 Free Bootstrap Admin & Dashboard Templates

These pre-built free Bootstrap themes & templates have been designed as a complete solution for the admin area or dashboard of your web application.


Conditional Variables and Database Queries in WordPress

Over the years, WordPress blogs have grown from simple websites full of basic content to categorized, tagged, archived, and well-organized websites that contain nearly ten years of blog posts, dynamic…


How to Install Multiple WordPress Websites into a Single MySQL Database

WordPress counts more than 60 million worldwide users of all sizes, from corporate websites to personal blogs. And while corporate implementations of WordPress might have access to unlimited server resources…


How to Build a ToDo Application with Web SQL and jQuery

This tutorial will take you through the step by step development of building a ToDo App entirely powered by Web SQL. You will learn about getting started with Web SQL,…


How to Use cPanel to Create a MySQL Database for use with your CMS