40 Creative Package Designs

They tell you not to judge a book by it’s cover, nor a fish by it’s scales. Usually they’re trying to get you to reserve judgment, despite poor something or someone’s poor appearance. Even so, the package a product comes in has a strong impact upon sales.

Sure, you could just wrap a great product up in paper and twine, but you know it won’t sell as well. That’s why hard work and lots of creativity goes into great packaging. A creative package can sometimes be the driving force of an item, and that’s what this gallery is all about.


Good Day

Blood Bag Energy Drink

Medicom Pharma

Duke Beer

Hair-Care Expressions

Pantone Home Paint

Elit Vodka

Raid Insecticides


Twinings Iced Tea

Re-Charge Beverage Drink

Doritos Packing Concept

Canteen Taquila

Creative Japanese Pastry Packing

Stone Creek Coffee


Egg Package

Shoelace Box

Under Pressure

San Cosme

Organic Wine


Font Vella Premium Water

Condom Packing

Fruit Syrup Gift Range

Classic Muscle Packing

Wooden Matches Block

Paper Bottle

Salt & Pepper Cell

Phace Grooming

Scan Wood

Made of Fruitz

Bees Knees

Hang Me Some Tea

Reptile Food Packing


Gaspard Somer

321 Water

3D Tea Package Design

Lee Shiny Jeans

Wamssler Grand Royale

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