45 Creative Billboard Designs

In unfortunate cases, billboard advertising can be a dull box that advertisers attempt to force into your mind simply by putting it somewhere they think you’ll look at it.

These, are not those billboards.

These instead, are examples of innovative billboards designed by those who think outside the box. In this gallery, we have 45 of the funniest, most interesting billboards from all over.

Old Timer Restaurants

Pimple Climbing

Real Cup Cakes for Magical Kids

The Naval Museum of Alberta


Creativity in Advertising

Male Stripper

Donatos Pizza



Iberian Pig V2 Mock-Up

Heidelberg Cement Group


Baylor Healthcare 3D EKG

Colour Tackle

RG Board PPT


Fresh Salad

Denver Water Beard

Dairy Milk Billboard


Stories with Real Background

Hate Dropped Calls?

Pedigree Bus Shelter

Koleston Naturals

Panasonic Nose Trimmer

Roxana Samples



Saittri Boards


Tylenol Ball

Its Not Happening Here

Berger Sky

Sky Discovery Channel

Don’t Lose Your Head

Climbing Shoe

Castrol Liquid Engineering

Lord of the Rings

Don’t Drop Your Girl

Beard Growing Billboard

Quit Plan

MC Café

See both Sides of the Story

Colorado State Patrol

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