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About: Hannah J. Conti is a freelance writer and designer. She lives in NY with her husband and their brave pet fish, Jean-Luc Picard. Conti can be found at and on twitter @hjconti.

The Beauty of the Hand-Drawn Typography Trend in Design

Hand-drawn typography has recently emerged as a growing trend in print and digital medias. This is due in part from the fact that designers, illustrators, and art directors are struggling to stand out in a digital age. Basic desktop publishing and word processors skills have become blase; even neighborhood garage sale signs can be printed at home rather than being…

12 Inspirationally Designed Infographics for Designers

Infographics have been a part of human communications since the invention of the first “writing” utensils. Cave paintings, rock carvings, and sculptures have been found to integrate both images and written symbols (a type of pre-writing). These artistic efforts were created some 32,000 years ago; they illustrate stories, record history, religious ideas, and much more. Even among prehistoric people, infographics…