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About: Joseph Putnam is the content strategist at, which provides a web app for freelancers to help them earn more by creating professional client proposals in minutes.

It’s Relationship Building, Not Networking

Networking is an awkward word. It connotes connecting with people in an impersonal way in order to get something out of the connection. On the surface,that’s ok, but there’s more to networking than finding people who will help to advance your career. That’s why I’m a bigger fan of “relationship building” than “networking.” Yes, it’s a matter of semantics, but…


Asking for Client Testimonials

Testimonials are critical for online marketing, whether you’re a freelancer or not. The reason is that people care a lot more about what others have to say than what you have to say about yourself. Why? Because we’re all inherently biased. We think our designs are the best and our customer service is second to none. And even if we…


The freelance pricing trap and how to get out of it

Freelancing is riddled with challenges. First, freelancers are left to figure out how to land new clients. They have to cold call potential leads, effectively display their portfolio, and expertly request for referrals to keep a steady stream of work coming in. Once that’s taken care of, they have to manage their time and their projects to get everything finished…


Are You Selling Clients What They Want?

Imagine this: You’re in the process of building a new website, so you need to write copy for the new homepage. It needs to be compelling, and it also needs to connect with potential clients by speaking to their needs and desires. You sit down at your computer and start writing. You’ve been designing for several years now, so you…