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About: I am Saijo George and I work for Envato. I want to introduce you folks to our code marketplace CodeCanyon and themes marketplace ThemeForest which can help developers and designers simplify their workflow by offering a wide range of code snippets and templates that they can incorporate in to their work. Get in touch with me via G+ or Twitter.

Top 20 Free Windows Mobile Social Media and Networking Apps

There are thousands and thousands of social networking and media apps for the iPhone and for Android, we all know that. But what about all the apps for Windows Mobile? Certainly, Win Mob is no where near as popular within the mainstream of mobile users as the other two, but does have a fairly comprehensive library of apps that are freely available.
So, if you’re a Windows Mobile user and you are in need of some social media and networking apps, look no further.

49 Free Windows Mobile 6+ Smartphone Apps and Services

Windows Mobile will never be able to compete with the iPhone, with the iPhone cool factor being so great, nor with the volume of apps that are available for it. What it can do, alongside Windows Mobile compatible applications, is create a smaller, sleeker smartphone, that is not just an extension of your desktop PC or laptop but a direct portable replacement.