50 Free Photoshop Actions for Adding Vintage Effects to your Images

In this collection of Photoshop resources we have a huge selection of fantastic and free Photoshop actions for adding vintage effects to your images. All of these actions will save you plenty of time and will give your photography collection incredible and professional results.

At the bottom of the post we have a small tutorial for creating your own actions as well as a tutorial for installing them.

If you’re looking for some more Photoshop Actions, we’ve also published 50 Time-Saving and Free Photoshop Actions.

Here are the actions:

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Photoshop Vintage Actions

Photoshop vintage actions

Hand-colored Vintage Photo ATN

Hand-colored Vintage Photo ATN action

Actions Vintage

Actions Vintage photoshop free

Vintage Breeze Action

Vintage breeze action photoshop

Action Vintage Light

photoshop Action Vintage light


Runaway photoshop Action light

Photoshop Vintage Action III

Photoshop vintage action III

Vintage Colors Photoshop Action

 Photoshop Action Vintage Colors

Photoshop Action Vintage

Action Vintage

Photoshop Action Vintage Photo

Vintage Photo

Vintage Photoshop Action I

Vintage Photoshop Action I

Vintage II PS Actions

Vintage II - PS Actions

Photoshop Action 11

Photoshop Action 11

Vintage Effect PS Actions

Vintage Effect photoshop Actions

Vintage Photoshop Action Efex

Vintage Efex - 3 Photoshop Actions

Sweet Vintage Photoshop Action

Sweet Vintage Photoshop Action

LT’s Vintage Lightleak Photoshop Action

LT's Vintage Lightleak Photoshop Action

Actions “Retro Vintage”

Actions Retro Vintage Photoshop Action

Vintage Photoshop Action Effects 5.8

Vintage Effects 5.8

Retro Photoshop Action Vintage Actions

Retro Vintage actions

Buttercream Vintage Photoshop Action

Buttercream Vintage Action

Photoshop Action 2

Photoshop Action 2

SweetPea Country Vintage Photoshop Action

SweetPea Country Vintage PS action

Coffee Cup Photoshop Actions

Coffee Cup photoshop actions

Photoshop Action Vintage 21

Action Vintage 21

Fashion Vintage Action

Fashion vintage action

Vintage Action Set

Vintage Action Set Photoshop

Ps Action Vintage 6

Ps Action Vintage 6 Photoshop

Vintage Gradient Action Pack

Vintage gradient action Photoshop

Vintage Love Action

Vintage Love Action Photoshop

Grungy Vintage Actions

Grungy Photoshop Vintage Actions

Dark Vintage : Action 1

Photoshop Dark Vintage : Action 1

Vintage Effect Photoshop Action

Vintage Effect Photoshop Action

Vintage Actions

vintage Photoshop actions

Vintage Burn Action

Vintage burn Photoshop action

JJ’s Vintage Photoshop Actions

JJ's Vintage Photoshop Actions

Vintage PS Actions

Vintage PS Actions

LT’s Vintage Style Action

LT's Vintage Style Action

Vintage Summer Action

Vintage summer action

Photoshop Actions Pack 1

Photoshop Actions pack 1

Photoshop Actions 7

Photoshop actions 7

Pink Vintage Action

Pink Vintage Action

How to Create Your Own Photoshop Action

It is very easy to create your own vintage Photoshop actions. All you have to do is open up the “Actions” palette in Photoshop and click the “New Action” button as seen in the picture below:

It is very easy to create your own vintage Photoshop actions

This will now open a new window offering you different options for creating your action. You can name the action and can place it in a set.

Alternatively, you can assign a shortcut to your created action for quick access. This will help you immediately activate the action in Photoshop, and you can use this option for those actions that you use on regular basis.

you can assign a shortcut to your created action for quick access

Now, hit the “Record” button to start recording your desired actions. Here, you should remember one thing that steps like selection sizes, saving, and other specific steps will be duplicated exactly in the action. Therefore, you need to be very careful in keeping your steps as generic as possible. In this way, you can apply them to the complete range of the image on which you want to apply your action to.

When you are done, click the “Stop” button in the action menu. Now, if you want to apply the action on another file, you can simply click the “Play” button.

Installing Photoshop Actions

Installing Photoshop actions is also very easy and there are several ways to install Photoshop actions. You can simply drag the downloaded actions into the “Actions” folder that you can find enclosed within the “Presets” folder in your Photoshop application folder. This would be the easiest way to install Photoshop actions.

Installing Photoshop actions is also very easy and there are several ways to install Photoshop actions

Alternatively, you can also use the little arrow on the right of the actions menu, and then click “Load Actions” option. This will also install downloaded actions into your Photoshop quite quickly.