7 Winning Facebook Page Strategies Every Company Should Know


By now you’re probably well aware of social media’s power to grow your business. Odds are you went ahead and tossed up a few social media profiles. Twitter, Google+, and probably a Facebook page.

Once they’re up, how do you make the most of them though? How do you draw users back to your page again and again? How do you use social media to draw in all those new leads you’ve been hearing about, or to turn new client into a faithful customer?

In this great article, we take a look at 7 strategies to point your brand’s Facebook page in the right direction. Social media can be the powerful tool for your business everyone says it can be. You just have to work for it if you’d like it to work for you.

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Facebook pages are one of the most powerful tools for attracting potential clients and involving your regular customers in constant collaboration. It gives every brand an opportunity to augment the target audience and significantly raise business reputation as well as profits. Creating a Facebook page isn’t enough for desired results though – it takes work.

Below I’ll share some tips you should stick to if you really want your brand Facebook page to work for you. These strategies help you set up an engaging Facebook page and use it effectively.

1. Design Your Page in a Unique Manner

Brand Facebook pages start with a profile picture. Deal with it.

Profile picture catches the eye from first sight and makes a potential visitor come and see what’s inside. Take into account that using your company logo makes a rather primitive profile picture. Instead, come up with something special. If you can’t create it yourself better ask professional designer to do it. Remember that it’s all about your company image.

Moreover, when visitors start browsing your page they’re likely to find something exclusive there as well. This means the Facebook page of a popular brand must not be just white-and-blue.

Fortunately, you can make use of custom design services without professional help by using one of the ready-made Facebook page templates. Use one that fits your purposes and design preferences. For example, your business Facebook page may look like this:

2. Share Relevant and Catchy Content

Every social media online presence should provide interesting content for its fans and readers. On Facebook this is even more important, especially on a brand page.

You must share the latest news, let your fans know about every event and novelty, and publish content relating to your business. Your task is to make the users return to your page because those who return are 90% paying customers, and those regular customers who return are likely to continue using your products and services.

To do this you must offer something that will captivate users. Particularly, quality and relevant content. You can make use of Google Blog Search, Google Reader or Google News in order to find some interesting piece of information to engage visitors to your brand Facebook page.

3. Use Applications to Make Your Page More Engaging

Facebook provides more than 55 thousand applications. Among them you can find the most appropriate ones to integrate in your page.

You must not underestimate the part applications can play in your brand Facebook page promotion and growth, as particularly these elements may be of a great value. For example, you might offer your visitors dynamic games, quizzes and other interactive content. This will let you win their attention at once. Applications serve as a call-to-action many users can’t help but get involved in and then they stay on your page longer, often even inviting other users to join. Thus your mission to engage users will be successful!

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4. Take Part in Conversation

Creating a Facebook page for your brand makes your company a conversation participant. A major Facebook user.

That’s why you must not stay aside, but take part in every discussion which takes place on your page. For example, if someone leaves comment on an entry, photo or video on your page you must reply to it somehow.

Remember that it doesn’t matter whether you run a small business or a huge corporation. You must talk to your customers. You must reply to questions in a timely manner, showing the quality of your services and how helpful and user-friendly you can be.

Sometimes it is even not necessary to wait until the users ask you a question. You can initiate conversation. Don’t be afraid and shy to ask your clients about your services or products quality. Ask them what changes might improve your work in their opinion. Ask about particular products and any other thing related to your business estimation.

Talk to your clients and they may become your regular customers in return.

5. Repost Information

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What does this mean? Nothing more or less than simple reposting of useful information. Something like a retweet for Facebook.

Why is it important to share information this way? Because this way you show clients your appreciation and after it they may pay more attention to your brand. Reposting the content that other users publish has a great value for your brand Facebook page and business development in general.

Don’t over-do it. Reposting is significantly important, but only when it’s something relevant and not too obtrusive. Repost only the content which is related to your business and can be interesting for other users which are your brand Facebook page fans. Your page will attract attention by the quality of your publications, not the quantity.

6. Stay Active Regularly

Your brand Facebook page must be updated on the regular basis.

This means both new content sharing and checking your private messages and comment section and replying quickly to your customers. For example, if someone asked you a question and you replied a whole week later it’s impolite, so don’t count on getting much attention from that visitor next time.

One of your activity aspects implies some contest organization. For example, ask your customers to invent a motto for your brand and reward a winner. Your clients will be involved and you’ll receive lots of attention.

Also don’t forget to congratulate your clients on major holidays and you can even offer some discounts and specials.

7. Don’t Let Users Post on Your Wall

Though you need to talk to your fans, you must not let them post to your brands wall.

This is because you cann’t control the publications users can make. Not allowing them to post to your wall avoids spam messages which other users would rather not see. Communicate with your customers privately or in discussions. Leave nothing without attention.

You must control your wall and provide your page fans with reliable content. That’s why it’s better not to let new visitors post to your wall, and leave content that may spoil your reputation.

There you have it. Simple but critical strategies we recommend you must stick to in order to make your company Facebook page popular and profitable. Don’t be too lazy to work on your page, if you want it to work for you in future!

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