Australis: The New Look for Firefox

Even though it has lost considerable market share to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox is still the preferred and favored web browser for a good number of internet users. And in the light of stiff competition from Chrome, Firefox has recently been trying hard to come up with something new in an attempt to bridge its lost market share.

And speaking of something new from Firefox, behold Australis, the newest and most gorgeous iteration of the Firefox user interface yet.

Screenshot of Australis

In easy terms, Australis is being hailed as a modern and clean visual design iteration for the Firefox web browser. Apart from simplifying and streamlining the default Firefox UI, Australis will also include easier ways to customize your web browser. As Mozilla is describing it, ‘it’s the most beautiful and detail-obsessed iteration of Firefox’s visual design yet: modern, clean, and comfortable’.

Here’s a two minute overview and walkthrough of Australis:

While it is not yet fully ready and needs a good deal of polishing, you can play around with the Australis interactive demo here.


  • Shane Bailey

    It seems like they took the best of all the modern browsers, particularly their own and chrome, and really got down to what was really needed. I just hope they’ve streamlined the syncing between devices (have they done that yet?) I went to chrome because it was so easy to just link all of them through my google account rather than having to put in codes like Firefox had to.

    I’m looking forward to the release.

  • Interesting looking design for Firefox. I have to admit, Im more of Chrome girl, but this is pretty cool.

  • Its Chromefox! I guess if you can’t beat ’em, join em!