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Samuel Norton (5 Articles)

Sam is a web designer, frontend web developer and a copywriter with over 5 years of experience in the industry. He currently writes for HostingFacts. He spends most of his time experimenting with HTML, CSS and WordPress.

How to Create a Vertical Slide-Out Menu with CSS Transitions

In this tutorial, we’re going to create a vertical slide-out menu using CSS3 transitions. The menus will be place on the left-side of the screen with the main links hiding…


Getting Started With CSS Flexbox Using Practical Examples

Flexible boxes or flexbox, is the latest method for controlling layouts in CSS. Using grids that are ‘flexible’ is so easy to predict how each element behaves on different screen…


The 20 Best Free WordPress Themes for Writers

Put your content front and center and improve the reading experience of your visitors with this collection of free WordPress themes for writers.


Good and Bad CSS Practices for Beginners

With CSS3, we can manage media queries, utilize better background images and even handle animations that can be loaded faster on your website – depending on the host you use….


The Cross Browser CSS Styling Tips You Need to Know

The web could exist without the use of CSS, but it would never be as accessible or look as great without. As web designers, the main goal is to provide…


The Cutting-Edge CSS3 Features That Are Essential to Modern Web Design